Visit Hisense at Booth 18217 in Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center
to see live demonstrations and a first-hand look at the latest solutions.

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 9, 2024) – Hisense, a global leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, will showcase its newest appliances and innovations during CES 2024 from January 9-12. Hisense will demonstrate how its range of appliances, paired with the ConnectLife smart platform and VIDAA TV operating system, are changing the way consumers engage with their homes. From streamlining grocery lists to offering recipe suggestions and managing ingredients, Hisense is reshaping the way consumers se their kitchens.

Future of Kitchen
Hisense’s latest kitchen setup improves the way consumers approach meal preparation, by introducing technologies that prioritize convenience and precision. Customers can effortlessly craft gourmet meals with the new cooking technologies that not only save time, but also
eliminate the guesswork from the culinary process. Visit the Hisense booth to enjoy live cooking demos that showcase core kitchen technologies and smart appliances.

4-Door Smart Refrigerator with VersaTemp Zone
Experience the ultimate convenience with Hisense’s 4-door Smart Refrigerator, designed to simplify your daily tasks. This innovative appliance not only keeps track of your food inventory but also provides curated recipes and seamlessly connects with other smart devices. One of its standout features is the VersaTemp Drawer, effortlessly transitioning from a refrigerator to a soft freezer. With adjustable temperatures ranging from 27°F to 41°F, it ensures optimal preservation of a wide range of items, from fresh produce to meats and seafood. WiFi connectivity and the intuitive ConnectLife app make adjustments quick and hassle-free. The refrigerator’s connectivity feature also enables integration with smart doorbells, transforming your kitchen into a versatile hub for both home security and streaming entertainment.

Induction Slide-In Range with Zone Cooking
Elevate your cooking experience with the Hisense Induction Slide-In Range, equipped with an array of advanced features. Boasting a powerful 3500W induction element, the oven incorporates true convection technology and a highly efficient heating system, resulting in a preheat time 63% faster than competing models, allowing you to start cooking in mere minutes. Thanks to Zone Bake technology complemented by innovative heating elements and smart algorithms, this oven enables the perfect simultaneous cooking of proteins and vegetables, all conveniently managed with the press of a single button. Hisense’s AirFry+ technology takes your culinary adventures to new heights, optimizing the oven temperature and generating extra steam for irresistibly crispier and healthier meals. Additionally, the Pro Baking feature ensures impeccable results every time, meticulously monitoring the temperature and oxygen levels inside the oven, ensuring consistently perfect baked goods.

Smart Built-In Dishwasher With Autodose & AutoDry
Experience effortless post-meal cleanup with Hisense’s cutting-edge dishwasher. A recipient of a 2024 CES Innovation Award, this liquid detergent autodosing dishwasher is the first of its kind in the U.S. market. Users can load their dishes, choose a program, and have detergent

automatically dispensed for convenient, simple, and hassle-free cleanup. The large capacity and flexible loading options can accommodate up to 15 place settings.

Hisense Smart Home
Hisense’s Smart Home Strategy innovatively integrates scenario-driven technology with consumer needs. At its core are interconnected Hisense Smart TVs and the VIDAA operating system, ensuring a seamless content experience. Central to this ecosystem is the ConnectLife IoT cloud platform, harmonizing various smart devices for an integrated home environment. Pioneering the merger of TV entertainment with smart kitchen tech, Hisense leads in creating a novel, cohesive living space where advanced technology meets everyday functionality, revolutionizing modern home living.

Hisense is introducing ProChef@Home at CES 2024, a newly-imagined software platform that seamlessly combines the world of television entertainment with culinary inspiration. Hisense invites users to explore a whole new level of culinary delight with the ability to save favorite recipes and effortlessly sync them across connected appliances and smart home devices and access cooking content directly from their VIDAA-powered smart TV. Hisense’s vision extends beyond mere convenience, envisioning an AI-powered kitchen that tailors recipes to individual preferences, suggests ingredient substitutions as well as place orders for ingredients, enables remote appliance control, provides step-by-step guidance, and receive notifications on your TV while waiting for that perfectly cooked meal. A variety of Hisense appliances will be on display to bring this experience to life.

6 Series Wall Oven
The Hisense Wi-Fi Enabled Built-In Single Oven is a 77L (2.7 cu. ft.) capacity in-wall oven, perfect for family meals. It features ICON LED+ Full Touch Control, Air Fry Mode for healthier cooking, and a Food Probe for precise meat preparation. This oven simplifies meals with 22 automatic programs, a mode for baking the perfect pizza, and Wi-Fi connectivity offering remote control and recipe transfers. Equipped with Fast Preheat and Steam Clean functions, this oven is both efficient and easy to maintain, embodying technological innovation for modern culinary needs.

ASKO Wine Cabinets
The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet offers advanced wine storage solutions with three distinct temperature zones for preservation, aging, or serving. Featuring precise temperature controls, a vibration-free, high-quality compressor, and a 70% humidity level for optimal wine storage conditions. This cabinet accommodates up to 190 bottles, has telescopic shelving with chalkboard labels, and includes a serving area with adjustable lighting. The cabinet offers inventory management through the Vivino app and a built-in camera for label scanning and tracking.

Smart Laundry
Alongside kitchen appliances, Hisense is also demonstrating a smart laundry ecosystem featuring AI-enabled laundry cycles making household chores a breeze. Simply select what you’re washing, and the washer and dryer automatically synchronize and share information for perfect auto-detergent dosing and drying cycles. For added convenience, the status of the washer and dryer cycle can be displayed on VIDAA TVs and controlled remotely via ConnectLife.

Matter Smart Products
In 2023, Hisense advanced its smart home lineup with Matter support, incorporating it into devices such as the Auto Louver Smart Window AC and U7K and U8K TVs. These devices offer seamless integration with users’ preferred smart home platforms, such as Apple Home and Google Home, and work with Hisense’s ConnectLife platform to deliver advanced benefits such as temperature synchronization with sleep schedules for a user-centric smart home experience.

Smart Energy Management
The Hisense smart energy management system is an innovative, eco-friendly approach to better home energy efficiency. With its solar power capabilities, this system offers a sustainable solution for powering household appliances and the advanced ATW heat pump system. By employing a whole-home energy-saving mode and weather-responsive auto-settings, the Hisense energy management system optimizes both energy consumption and comfort, seamlessly managing power during outages and intelligently switching to the grid during low-cost periods, resulting in additional savings and peace of mind. The integration of ConnectLife

provides homeowners with comprehensive energy usage insights, empowering them to save money and potentially generate revenue by selling surplus electricity back to the grid.

Beyond traditional appliances, Hisense also brings unique options for gamers. The new EnergyHub Smart Beverage Cooler is the ultimate entertainment companion for gamers and sports enthusiasts. This cooler does more than just chill your drinks to perfection; it features built-in wireless charging, RGB LED lighting to sync with your gaming setup and elevate your atmosphere, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Booth Information
Visit Hisense at CES, located in Central Hall – Booth 18217 of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), for live and self-guided demonstrations of these new products and innovations. To learn more about Hisense at CES 2024, visit www.Hisense-USA.com/CES-2024 and follow

HisenseCES2024 on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and X.


About Hisense USA

Since 2001, Hisense USA Corporation, a subsidiary of Hisense Group, has been a leading provider of technology products, encompassing a diverse range of offerings such as televisions, Laser TVs and Cinemas, refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, beverage coolers, and freezers. As the Official TV and Home Appliance Partner of the NBA, the company places maximum emphasis on performance, quality, and value, leading to remarkable industry growth and a reputation for producing award-winning products. In 2022, Hisense achieved the notable distinction of being the second largest global TV manufacturer, demonstrating its commitment to both maintaining superior product quality and ensuring exceptional customer experiences.


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